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Hello Rainbows 🌈💕

It’s Back to School! And who says back to school often means a much less restful pace of life, with imposed schedules and less time for oneself.

It is to take care of Self that I created the magic potions. We all need certain elements in our life to be happy and fulfilled.
This is why each of the potions has a power which represents an essential element for Life.

You can also now see the link with the change of the logo of My Rainbow Crochet and the magic wand 😁

pattern magic potions
Magic potions

Here are the different powers of potions:

  • Love potion to bring you of course the Love of yourself and of other people
  • Sleep potion to give you the rest you need for your body
  • Light potion to bring you the Sun, the energy you need
  • Freedom potion because we all need to be free of our choices, our thoughts and our movements
  • Magic potion to bring you Magic in your Life (who does not need Magic in their Life? 😋)
  • Happiness potion to feel good, happy and fulfilled
  • Nature potion because Nature is essential to Life and it always feels good to walk in Nature to recharge your batteries.

When you need one of the powers of a potion, take it with you for the day and visualize it to bring or help you with what you need.

Not all of the elements that we need in life are represented in these potions so more potions will still emerge in some time. Stay tunned ✌

You can download the pattern for these potions for free by clicking on the image below.

download pattern magic potions

What potion(s) do you need there now? 😁 Tell me in the comments!

If you make this pattern, do not hesitate to share it on Instagram by mentioning me @my_rainbow_crochet so that I make you pass in my story or on facebook to send me a photo of your realization that I would incorporate in the album of your realizations!

See you soon Rainbows 😊

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3 thoughts on “Pattern: Magic Potions

  1. I’m going to use pattern with a few alterations to top to make them look more like bowling pins. I think it will make a fun indoor game. I hope you don’t mind. Thank you for the inspiration.

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